Living Benefits

We all know that life insurance will pay out to your beneficiaries at the event of your death, but did you know that life insurance companies now offer living benefits. In other words it is life insurance for the living. Let us say you have a heart attack, get diagnosed with cancer, or become permanently disabled the insurance company will write you a check while you are still alive.

This is puts resources in your hands at a time when you need them most. When life is falling apart we all need support, we all would love to see that our families are taken care of, and we deserve policies that help us in our hour of need. Just think about it even if you don’t have a family to care for after you are gone. You can still benefit from these products. You can pay off medical bills, use the money for treatments not covered by your health insurance, or do whatever you want with it.

It is your money and just one more valuable feature of life insurance. If you want to know more schedule an appointment with me. I would love to help you get the coverage you need.

Why should I buy life insurance?

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