Becoming the Bank

Did you know that you can withdrawal from the cash value of your whole or universal life insurance policy tax deferred. Yes, you may know life insurance can be used as a retirement plan, but you probably did not know that if you take loans out against your policy cash value it does not interrupt the compounding interest of your cash value. Simply put, when you take loans out from your policy it comes from a general account not your policies account.

You still pay interest, but alongside your compounding cash value the average net interest rates comes out to be one percent. I challenge you to go a bank and get any loan with an interest rate of one percent. It is impossible. You can become your own banking system in a properly structured insurance policy all while you protect your family. Nothing else on planet earth can deliver this benefit!

Don’t wait we are not promised tomorrow, and we don’t own the life insurance policies our employers offer us. Your employer does. Take control your families future with your own policy. If you want to know more or clarify anything from this blog post please email at robertslifeinsurance@gmail or give me a call at (770) 714-0940.

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